Finest quality ingredients, you can enjoy at your leisure.


Time is yours at Westering. Prepare your breakfast from our delicious ingredients and eat at your leisure.


Continental breakfast

A generous continental breakfast is included in your tariff. This includes: Juice: Fresh squeezed orange or organic apple juice from our orchard Cereal: Bircher Muesli (Jamie Oliver mix) | Weetbix | Corn Flakes Bread: Home baked Condiments: Butter and homemade jams | marmalade

Cooked breakfast

(Ingredients supplied for self-catering) Fresh juice: Orange or Organic apple (from our trees) Greek yoghurt with local berries and homemade granola Bacon | fresh free range eggs | cherry tomatoes | chipolata sausages | silverbeet (from our garden) Avocado - seasonal Homemade wholemeal bread or sourdough Butter, homemade local berry jam or marmalade Options: Yigandes Plaki - home-baked cannelini beans and tomato casserole | Pancake mix (homemade) with berries, yoghurt and maple syrup.

We love food and no doubt you do too!

You should find all the staples you need in the Cottage’s well-stocked kitchen. If not, please ask us and hopefully we have what you need. 

On your arrival, the cottage will also have:

Fresh milk
Fresh herbs from the vege garden
A bowl of fresh fruit
A choice of teas
Coffee options – Nespresso pod / plunger / expresso